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Sustainable Development in Oil and Gas

Impact of the Quality of CO2 on Transport and Storage Behaviour
Governance of Extractive Industries: Changes, Opportunities and Challenges
Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development Masterclass
Operationalizing the SDGs in the Extractive Industries: Private Sector Experiences and Opportunities
Developing an Energy Management Master Plan
Energy Auditing Fundamentals: Essential Strategies & Techniques for Optimal Results
Energy Cost Reduction Using Six Sigma, Kaizen, 5 S, Lean Manufacturing, and Behavioral Energy Change

Sustainable Development in Renewables

Innovative Technological and Management Concepts for Renewable Energy
Empowering Cleaner Energy Decisions Masterclass
Solar Water Heating
Renewable Energy Management and Finance
Electrics for Renewables
Carbon Finance
Renewable Energy Solutions
Biomass and the Renewable Heat Incentive
Wind Power Course
Wave & Hydro Power Course
Strategic Marketing for Competitive Advantage in the Renewable Energy Industry
Combined Heat and Power Course

Sustainable Development in Power

Renewable Energy Mini MBA
Electricity Storage Market: Drivers, Applications & Alternatives
Renewable Energy Financing and Modelling
Power Purchase Agreements for Renewable Energy Power Plants
Financing Renewable Energy Projects