VanLuk Global Pte Ltd. | Our VALUES
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The intersection of the benefits to the planet (environment), people (society), and profit (economic success) is where true sustainability resides.

People – Sustainability involves people. We believe you can make your product or service in a manner that directly benefits all people involved, or you can do the opposite. When you’re operating in a manner that’s beneficial to people, then you’re operating in a sustainable manner when it comes to the People part.


Planet – Always, always, always think big picture.  It’s looking beyond the normal scope of environmental impact, to areas like resource product and use, the end life of your product, etc.


Profit – Sustainability helps grow profit.  Reducing waste costs, using raw materials more efficiently, using less energy, and eliminating the discharge of pollutants that require costly treatment prior to its release. Sustainability routinely helps lessen operating costs.


Our approach centers around our client and their requirements, and our objective is to always fulfill their needs and exceed expectation. We believe in delivering relevant training’s to help businesses continue to grow sustainable and flourish in an ever changing environment.


VanLuk Global specialises in bringing people together through outstanding strategic business conferences & summits, professional training and b2b congresses. We maintain the highest standards of quality in research and market analysis, finding the right issues and then producing high-profile events. We accelerate growth across industries and across the globe by bringing together world leading experts who provide cutting-edge information to business authorities.


Our goal is to provide platforms for debate across many industries.  The right collection of experts, at the right time, in the right environment makes us leading providers of business intelligence.