Outplacement Support

When you want to be there for them, we are here for you.

When you’re making valued employees redundant, it’s important to show you care about them and their future. Our team of HR consultants have been helping our clients deliver quality outplacement support for over a decade. Our suite of options gives you simple, practical and effective ways to demonstrate your commitment to your employees.

Outplacement workshops – a highly practical way to help your people maximise their chances of securing the right next move, through self-marketing skills, tips on writing a CV and interview preparation. Find out more

One-to-one support – personal coaching from one of our professional consultants on finding the dream job through to getting an offer and negotiating remuneration packages.

Psychometric assessments – help your employees identify their strengths and weaknesses and prepare for competency-based questioning. Job search toolkit – a comprehensive but low-cost way of supporting those facing redundancy to be in the best position to win new employment. Find out more & buy online here

CV review – our consultants will review CVs and provide constructive feedback and advice via email.  You can choose to include a phone call in the package to add a more personal touch to the support for your employee.

Executive Coaching 

Vanluk GS Global I has helped organizations and individuals realize their full potential and sharpen their competitive edge. CPI offers its services worldwide ,delivering consistently excellent consultancy services with standardized methodologies, top-tier consultants, state-of-the-art proprietary infrastructure and project tracking technology.

Vanluk GS Global  coaches take the time to understand and appreciate the complex environments in which executives operate and collaborate on engagement plans. We tailor flexible solutions for our client organizations and for their key leaders so you meet your business objectives, increase productivity and employee engagement and reduce unwanted attrition.

  • Primary Executive Coaching Applications
  • High Potential Coaching
  • Enhances the leadership skills and successes of your most promising upcoming leaders
  • Tailored program identifies key areas for personal relationship improvement
  • Follow-up allows for on-going private coaching and fine-tuning
  • Targeted Performance Coaching
  • Teaches new behavioral, leadership or managerial skills
  • Selection based on key roles within organization
  • Executives more quickly reach their full potential or overcome barriers
  • New Leader Coaching
  • Designed for new leaders to organizations or roles
  • Applicable to managers through C-level
  • Focused on new leadership capabilities to support business strategies
  • Leadership Team Coaching
  • Focused on strategic corporate goals
  • Defines clarity of purpose, mutual expectations and accountability
  • Valuable for improving leadership team functions at any level
  • Learn more about : Executive Coaching Process and Framework

At Vanluk GS Global, our specialist consultants and trainers are constantly keeping up to date with the legislations, safe practices and employment laws to ensure we can provide our clients with factual, relevant advice regarding the ever changing effects of Covid-19. We have also revisited and altered our process to ensure it’s more adaptive and proactive to put our candidates and clients in the best position possible now and in the future.

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