List of Training & Courses

Management Training

Developing managers to lead high performance teams

Effective managers inspire, lead, and communicate. They support their teams, they develop the skills your business needs, and they motivate your staff to work harder and work better. None of that happens by accident. Everyone – from the bottom to the very top – needs training. We offer a range of management training packages to suit your needs: guidance for all levels of management, from the newest of the new to the top of the tree. We can even tailor courses to suit your particular business needs, if that’s what you want.

Management Training Courses

Our Management Essentials course is perfect for new managers. It helps them take their existing skills and knowledge, and translate them into effective management techniques that will benefit your business. More experienced managers may be looking to refresh their skills, learn to think more strategically or understand how to manage specific people or situations.  We offer a range of management training programmes on topics such as Leading Change, being a Strategic Manager, Managing Graduates and High Performers.

Our programmes have been developed over time drawing on research, our own business experience and our work with thousands of clients around the world. By the end of our management training programmes, delegates will be fired up with new-found enthusiasm, and filled up with new skills and techniques to help them manage. They will have a deeper understanding of the role of coaching, of communicating, of providing feedback, of working with stakeholders, and developing the performance of teams and individuals.

They’ll be aware of the fact that they, as managers, are also works in progress, and will come away with a stronger grasp of their own strengths and weaknesses, and areas where they need to develop. At VanLuk GS Global we don’t promise you the world – but we do promise you effective courses that will improve the performance of your managers. Want to know more about how VanLuk GS management training programmes can help your business? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us using the details below.


Helping you develop your future leaders.

Although leadership can sometimes seem the least tangible or measurable of qualities, we believe that every professional skill can benefit from leadership training and development.  If you identify people with leadership potential, our programmes can give them the skills and experiences to turn them into great leaders.

Great leaders are inspiring, trusted, and deliver results. They use a combination of experience, skills and emotional intelligence to not only create a vision – but to make others want to follow it. Great leaders build a culture for success that flows down through the entire business.

That sounds like a tall order – but we can help. Because, while some traits of a good leader do require certain baseline attitudes and aptitudes, there is much to be gained from robust learning. All of our trainers have held senior leadership positions themselves, so they know exactly what it takes – and how to help you gain it.

Our Leadership Training programmes :

  • Develop leaders to become skilled at creating strategies and inspiring others to follow through visionary communication
  • Support leaders to become more emotionally intelligent and know how to build trust
  • Can be designed to develop potential leaders over a period of time. These bespoke programmes will usually be built around a work-based project and can include:
      • Psychometric assessments
      • Classroom training
      • Coaching
      • E-learning
      • Talks by subject matter experts

Or we can offer shorter one- or two-day programmes which address specific needs : If you want to know more about our leadership programmes, please contact us to see how we can help bring real results to your business.

Personal Effectiveness Training

Building personal skills for business

From the largest multi-national to a fledgling SME, every business is made up of individuals. And as individuals, we all have our strengths and weaknesses – some might have creative minds but be poor at time-keeping; others might excel at public speaking, but be anxious about handling face-to-face conflict. One might be your go-to person for a presentation, while another might not know a PowerPoint from a Prezi.

Recognising and developing the skills of your workforce isn’t just an investment in them – it’s an investment in your effectiveness, your bottom line, and the whole organisation. Having reliable, inspired and confident staff will boost morale, and quite simply make your business better.

While we can’t claim to have as many courses as you have individuals, we have identified the key areas where personal development can enhance performance and drive success.

We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of people in businesses all around the world, and we’ve used that experience to put together a series of practical workshops and courses that will help your employees shine. We can deliver the perfect training for your needs – whether you’re looking for a  global roll-out or you’re a smaller UK-based business looking to be the best you can be.

Whatever your size, our approach is not just about tackling problems or filling in gaps – it’s about allowing each person to reach their full potential; a potential which will enrich your whole organisation. We’ll take their existing abilities, assess their needs, and fast-track the development of the personal skills they need to make their workplace a better place.

Our personal effectiveness training courses include :

  • Time Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interpersonal Excellence
  • Managing Emotion In Tough Situations
  • Teambuilding

Our personal effectiveness training courses are perfect for a range of employees – across a range of environments.  We can offer classroom training, e-learning courses and even a blend of both.  We also offer them in different languages, for businesses wanting a consistent approach to international staff development.

We’ve taken years of experience of working with people to develop the very best courses. Click on the course names in the list above to find out more about these programmes – or contact us directly using the details below and see how we can help.

Sales Training

The secrets of successful sales

If you’re reading this, then you probably have a problem with your sales team. You might be wondering why they aren’t selling more, or why they can’t accurately forecast when the sale will be confirmed.  You might even be losing customers you’ve had for a long time, and be asking yourself why.

Does the problem lie with the individuals? Are they not the born achievers you hoped they were? Well, the answer is that they could be – with proper sales training.

Proper, fit-for-purpose sales training workshops can make the difference between average salespeople and high performing salespeople – the ones who hit their targets and make their bonuses year after year.

There are fundamental differences in what these high performers do and this can be taught.

At Vanluk GS Global, we understand why sales people are important – and we can help you improve their performance, their relationship with clients, and ultimately the performance of your business. The key to successful sales involves listening as much as talking, and building a mutually beneficial relationship of trust between the people who buy and the people who sell.

Based on this, we offer a variety of different courses and sales training programmes, all of which have one thing in common – we have proved they actually work.

Our approach centres around five key questions – all of which help to address your needs, find ways you can improve performance, and develop the loyal long-term relationships with clients that lead to success. These are:

  • What do your customers want from your sales people?
  • What do you want from your sales people?
  • What makes the difference between an average performer and a high performer, and how can that be shared?
  • How do you retain talent and keep developing them to deliver more?
  • What kind of relationship do you want with your key customers?

As consumers, we’ve probably all encountered superior selling – the type that results in you buying a product that might not be the cheapest, or the market leader, but somehow you were convinced it was a good idea – almost without noticing. The sales people who can do this are the ones who perform better.

None of this happens by accident. The best salespeople spend their time in a very different way to their ambitious but average colleagues. They use techniques that can be taught in a training environment.  At Vanluk GS Global, we know that commercial people need these training environments to be much more pragmatic and engaging than a standard classroom session.  This is why our programmes include plenty of stimulation and real-life work scenarios.

Our Sales Training courses include:

  • High Performance Selling
  • Influence and Persuasion

Our courses show your salespeople the way to develop better approaches to existing and potential clients; how to build trust; how to respond to a customer’s hidden needs; how to use your passion and drive in presenting a deal; how to understand the motivation of your customer and respond better to it, how to think from their point of view – and how to use all of that to close bigger and better deals.

We can offer face-to-face sales training, e-learning, and blended courses – all with the potential to be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

To discover more about how we can add value to your sales activity, please get in touch using our contact details below.

E-Learning Courses

Our main area of expertise :

  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • Marketing & Innovation
  • Finance

Blended Learning

Mixing it up for maximum results

Every business face challenges that affect the way they train and develop their staff: time, cost and the need for flexibility being right up there on the list.

Vanluk GS Global has worked with thousands of businesses all around the world, and has developed its own effective approach to blended learning – giving you the maximum results with minimum fuss.

Traditional ‘classroom’ training is effective, targeted and tailored to your organisation – but e-learning can be too. It can also offer greater flexibility, reduce expense, and fit into busy schedules. Our research has shown that 83% of UK employees are interested in distance learning – and by intelligently mixing the two, we can provide the perfect way to develop the skills you need.

We already have an extensive library of Global Learning modules we can draw on, and offer them in numerous languages – ideal for a consistent and affordable approach to an international training roll-out. In addition, we can tailor these courses for your specific needs, and deliver them around the world or just in the UK – combining existing modules, and blending virtual and face-to-face training.

A typical blended course will start with e-learning modules – introducing the subject, assessing skills, and preparing the delegate to make the most of their face-to-face time with a trainer.

Following the ‘classroom’ element – often a two-day course – there will be further e-learning modules to ensure the learning is thoroughly understood and embedded.

The blended course can also feature assessments such as 360s and other diagnostics.  And, in some cases, we have been asked to include some virtual classroom training and social learning.  We really can customise these blended courses to your needs – offering an ideal and cost-effective way to deliver consistent, high-quality development across an international or national workforce, wherever they are.

Vanluk GS Global offers more than 25 titles in its blended learning range, including:

  • Influence and Persuasion
  • Delivering Powerful Presentations
  • Training the Trainer
  • Effective Project Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • High Performance Selling
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Managing Emotion In Tough Situations
  • Interpersonal Excellence

You can find out more about our Finance, Effective Project Teamwork, Time Management and High Performing Selling programmes by following the links, but please get in touch to ask about our full range of blended learning courses, and what they can do for your organisation.

At Vanluk GS Global, our specialist consultants and trainers are constantly keeping up to date with the legislations, safe practices and employment laws to ensure we can provide our clients with factual, relevant advice regarding the ever changing effects of Covid-19. We have also revisited and altered our process to ensure it’s more adaptive and proactive to put our candidates and clients in the best position possible now and in the future.

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