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Discover continuous learning and development courses for career progression. In today’s competitive world, dynamic and versatile individuals are preferred.

With job competition increasing, there is no shortage of talented individuals possessing high academic results and who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. You cannot succeed by talent and hard work alone; employers are demanding strong personalities.

A great personality boosts confidence. If you are confident and demonstrate your command of the situation then it becomes easier for you to deliver your best performance.

Without influencing others, you cannot secure success anywhere. It becomes challenging to achieve a job without influencing the interviewers and managers with your personality, as well as your professional skills.

``Investing in knowledge and skills drives progressive growth.
It is the best investment any entrepreneur like-minded person will ever make``

Kruthi Uttappa, Assistant Director of Training

Hard Skills Vs. Soft Skills

Hard Skills Soft Skills
To be good at hard skills usually takes gravitas or IQ. To be good at soft skills usually takes Emotional Intelligence or EQ.
Hard skills are skills where the rules stay the same regardless of the company, circumstance or people whom you work with. Soft Skills are skills where the rules change depending on the company culture and people you work with.
Hard skills can be learned in school or from books. There are designated levels of competencies as to how to excel in each hard skill. Most soft skills are not well taught in schools and have to be learned on the job by trial and error. Unless you apply the tips you learn and are adaptable, there are no easy step-by-step guide books to follow to master a soft skill.


  • Computer Technology
  • Data Analysis
  • Certification and Licenses
  • Project Management
  • Designing
  • Web Development
  • Marketing Skills
  • Network Structure
  • System Administration
  • Coding & Programming Abilities
  • Typing Speed
  • Machine Operation etc.


  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Positive Attitude
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Time Management Abilities
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Acting as a Team Player
  • Self-Confidence
  • Ability to Accept and Learn From Criticism
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness
  • Leadership Skills
  • Employee Motivation Skills etc

Why VANLUK GS Global ?

  • Market Leader for over 3 decades
  • Highly motivated and passionate trainers who pay attention to detail
  • 100% Guarantee on ROI – refer to Google reviews
  • Consistency in training delivery with flexible schedule options
  • Certificates recognized by employers
  • State of the art facilities located in three prime locations, with easy accessibility
  • Job assistance from VANLUK GS Global Recruitment and Executive Search

Global Affiliations :

  • HRDF Malaysia
  • Singapore Employment and Employability (e2i)
  • Singapore Precision Engineering & Technology Association (SPETA)
  • Smart Dubai Network

Our Process

At VANLUK GS Global, we recruit highly skilled and professional career counselors who provide the right career assistance to our students.

We develop courseware that enables our students to meet on-the-job challenges in dynamic corporate environments. Our full-time instructors provide a well-balanced training system where practical implementation is combined with theoretical knowledge.

English is the medium of instruction. Flexibility to our schedule is offered to all professionals based on their scheduled requirements.

Our week and weekend courses consist of 6-12 students. To suit our students’ busy schedules, we operate from Saturday to Friday 9am to 8pm.

Our training methodologies include :

Upon successful completion of training, students are assessed and then awarded with certificates recognized by regulatory bodies for education. International Certificates are available as well.



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