Public Courses

At Vanluk GS Global we want to provide a range of ways for people to get the skills they need, that’s why we run a whole range of Public Training Courses.

Our open training courses training courses that are delivered in towns and cities  They focus on a key subject and cover generic skills in that area.

Open training courses are great providing you are committed to returning to the workplace and putting the skills into practice.  We will help with that by ensuring you have a clear action plan when you leave the course.

Here are some of the benefits of Public Training Courses :

  • Highly Cost Effective – Our open training courses are reasonable price.
  • One Day in Length – There’s no need to take a long time out to get new skills.
  • Focused on One Subject – The course will only focus on one main subject meaning you get exactly what you need.
  • A mix of People – You get to meet people from other organisations and have an opportunity to share ideas and experience.
  • Action-Focused – We focus on how you can use the skills, not just what the skills are.
  • Highly Enjoyable – Our open training courses come with ‘fun included as standard‘.

At Vanluk GS Global, our specialist consultants and trainers are constantly keeping up to date with the legislations, safe practices and employment laws to ensure we can provide our clients with factual, relevant advice regarding the ever changing effects of Covid-19. We have also revisited and altered our process to ensure it’s more adaptive and proactive to put our candidates and clients in the best position possible now and in the future.

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